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Car Window Tinting

Car Window Tinting by Solarshade is the investment that improves your comfort, safety and overall driving experience. In addition it improves your vehicle’s overall appearance and value!

Handily located in Albion Park Rail opposite Masters Home Improvement (Soon to be Bunnings). Meaning we are easily accessible if you live in Shellharbour, Oak Flats and Dapto.

We also offer transport to local shopping centres or coffee & free wi-fi while you wait.

We use only the best car window films manufactured in Germany by Solar Gard and are one of the most experienced installers in Australia.

Car Window Tinting Albion Park
Car Tinting in Shellharbour


Let us tailor a window film to suit your needs and tastes.


The legal darkness for Car Window Tinting in NSW is 35%. This means 35% of the original brightness is transmitted through the film. Or alternatively 65% is blocked from passing through the film.



A window films ability to reject heat comes down to it’s ability to block the INFRARED spectrum of the suns rays. Our films reject between 40% to 60% of the infrared wavelength.



UVA and UVB  are the most damaging spectrum of the suns rays. They directly damage DNA, cause sunburn and are a major contributor to fading in furniture.



And, you get these other benefits:

  • Furnishing and upholstery preservation
  • Reduced hot spots and glare
  • Improved comfort
  • Balanced climate
  • Reduced energy demands
  • Increased privacy
  • Aesthetic enhancement
  • Drive Cooler

Solarshade window films are designed to reject up to 50% of the total solar energy. This makes your car cooler and reduces the need for air conditioning.

Plus, our films help cut annoying glare. Reducing intense bright hot spots on sunny days and blinding headlights at night.

Protects Interior

Solarshade window film is like sunscreen for your automobile. Rejecting up to 99% of all ultraviolet rays. This helps shield against premature leather, vinyl and fabric discolouration and fading to protect your investment.

Protection from the Sun

Our tinting films shield both UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays. So, although all types of skin cancer increase with exposure to unprotected skin, drivers are susceptible to common melanoma. This can be caused by cumulative sun exposure rather than the more common form of melanoma that occurs from intense, intermittent sun exposure.