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Frosted Window Film fo House
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Frosted Window Film

Using Solarshade frosted films you can treat glass in any way you want – you are in total control of the look and feel of the glass. As a feature wall, as a creative partition, as a decorative window, as an entrance door or as a customised ceiling.

Glass is a common theme in just about every brilliant architectural design. It allows for natural light to permeate through buildings and create a positive, happy environment. It also contains an illusion of additional space in confined areas but in can be aesthetically very boring.

Glazing, Etching and Sandblasting

Glazing, etching and sandblasting are not always affordable. Solarshade frosted film is.

With Graffix Film you are free to create your own design for the film. If you want a company logo reversed out of a window with pattern to match the foyer, you can. Achieve privacy with glass partitions, or give it a cut glass affect without actually cutting and glass with Graffix Film.

Our Vinyl Film range lets you create whatever design you want with state of the art computer cutting. The most flexible choice of decorative film is available in Acid etched glass, Sand Blasted Glass or Sand Fused Glass. Rice Paper, Bold Blocks, variegated bars, Mini stripe, Stripe and Frosted Film.