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Q. How long does it take for window film to dry?

Our installers use a special soapy solution during installation. Some of this solution will become trapped between the glass and film (small bubbles or a hazy appearance) but this will disappear as the film dries. The dry-out or curing time is necessary for the film adhesive to properly bond to […]

Q. Can I install window film myself?

No, window films do require professional installation. Our films are installed by experienced, highly trained, technicians. They are dedicated to providing quality service and you will have the peace of mind with a Solarshade warranty.

Q. How is window film applied?

Solarshade installers clean the glass using special cleaning solutions and razor blade scrapers – this process removes the smallest pieces of dirt. A piece of film is cut roughly to the size of your window and the release liner is removed. The film and glass are sprayed with a slip […]