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Q. How do safety and security window films work?

When glass without window film is broken, it shatters and having no support can fall out completely. In some cases the glass shards can be airborne leading to human injury. When safety and security window film is applied, it bonds to the window and prevents it from separating easily. Safety and […]

Q. Will window film stop furnishings from fading?

Solarshade window films block 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays so our films will significantly reduce the amount of fading. Fade reduction depends on the type of film selected, the quality of the items being protected and the environment. It is nearly impossible to eliminate all risk of fading.

Q. Won’t window tinting ruin my view?

Actually, just the opposite is generally true. You may be surprised to hear that most residential window film is very lightly tinted. It isn’t the color or even the darkness of the film that provides most of the benefits of tinting. The special formulations of today’s professional films perform most of […]